Data Management & Email Marketing

Data Management

The Heart of a Winning Campaign

Choosing the right data management service provider is crucial for your message to effectively reach your target audience. At MOS, our dedicated team follows a meticulous protocol, conducting hygiene checks on all client-shared data files. Our comprehensive data management solutions encompass high-volume data entry, data cleaning, merge/purge, de-duplication, mail merge, and mailing campaign management.

We prioritize data health by conducting full postal verification and subsequent cleansing processes. This involves removing duplications, checking against mailing preferences services, and addressing gone-aways and bereavement files to optimize your brand communication and minimize wastage.

Data security is paramount, and we employ leading encryption software for secure data transfer between MOS and clients. Collaborating closely, we implement access rights to our secure FTP server. With robust storage and data management measures, MOS ensures clients benefit from a seamless, secure data cycle aligned with overall brand objectives and confidentiality standards.

Being an ISO 27001 certified company, MOS provides data management solutions that are not only fast and efficient, but also safe and secure. Let an expert work with you to fulfil your data management needs!

Email Marketing Services

Our primary focus is on data security, utilizing a world-class, personalized server for all in-house activities. We prioritize client trust and confidentiality by not sharing or uploading any data or templates on the server.

Benefits of our personalized Email services include years of experience in delivering critical marketing and transactional emails. We excel in inbox delivery, leveraging our expertise to keep clients off blacklists. If necessary, our experts intervene promptly for removal from blacklists.

The Delivered Messages report provides insights into successfully delivered messages, indicating acceptance by the recipient's mail server. The Failed Messages report details failed deliveries, with our Email On-Demand system automatically suppressing future delivery to invalid addresses, ensuring high deliverability and reputation protection. The Open & Click Activity report tracks open/view and click events, offering valuable insights. Our suppression list system prevents email delivery to known invalid addresses or those with complaints, safeguarding sender reputation and enhancing the ability to reach the target audience.