Product Sourcing & Fulfilment

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MOS seamlessly extends its integrated end-to-end solutions by facilitating product sourcing for international clients. Specializing in diverse products such as art jewelry, stones, esoteric items, leather, and client-specific innovations, MOS utilizes its expansive storage facility for efficient fulfillment services. The cost-effective and professionally managed warehouse supports quick and innovative order processing for a variety of products. With extended infrastructure, manpower, and space, MOS offers comprehensive literature fulfillment, product fulfillment, inventory management, and reporting services to both domestic and international clients.

Beyond inventory storage and maintenance, MOS boasts a trained team capable of swift order processing, including picking, packing, labeling, and shipping within minutes. The system ensures real-time inventory updates, precise order fulfillment, and proposal blueprinting for efficient inventory management. MOS's product fulfillment encompasses secured storage, climate-controlled environments, freight optimization, detailed reporting, domestic and international shipping, returns management, and handling of marketing collateral from external sources in addition to MOS-produced material.